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Kinexcs is building wearable medical devices for the orthopedic industry, and test kits for the health, fitness and wellness industry. 
Our wearable medical device product is used by clinicians to monitor the progress of patients undergoing orthopedic surgeries and deliver quality care. We combine advanced sensor technology with intuitive software platforms to track, coach and monitor the patient during the entire continuum of care (pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative). The platform eases patient-clinician interaction and provides comprehensive and actionable recovery information. This makes recovery faster by improving patient compliance, raises clinician productivity, improves patient engagement, revenue and profitability for the care-providers. Besides, patients experience evidence-based recovery from the comfort of their home, which is fun and effective.

The Kinexcs test kits are used to provide personalized recommendations on nutrition, diet, training based on scientific evidence obtained from some of the leading laboratories in the industry. These tests (such as DNA, Saliva, Microbiome etc.) are performed non-clinically to obtain comprehensive reports that are analyzed to gain insights that could help an individual achieve objectives related to one's health, fitness and performance. We've onboarded first paying users for this product and are in the process of launching it with fitness centers.

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