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We are very excited to present SPACE & COMPANY, a real estate brokerage dedicated to re-thinking real estate in Center City, Philadelphia.  Our business model, characterized by a commitment to local communities, green living and technology, provides a unique perspective for our clients and agents. Educating our agents on quickly changing market trends and supporting their use of the latest technological tools are a priority.

At SPACE & COMPANY, we continue to embrace our forward thinking, results-oriented marketing. Things have changed drastically for the real estate industry in the past few months. It’s no longer an effective marketing strategy to simply list a property on MLS, run an ad in a local paper and host open houses. Current market conditions require new solutions – a substantial online presence, a focused individualized marketing plan and a knowledgeable agent, who adjusts to changing conditions throughout the entire process.

It is my firm belief that re-thinking real estate is needed at this time and this change is not one I take lightly. I feel strongly that our ability to adapt and focus will translate to increased client satisfaction. I have witnessed how our focus on technology has translated into tremendous results for our agents, even in this challenging marketplace.  Given this, we are not content to provide the status quo – we will continue to strive to be a step ahead, offering creative solutions that will speak for themselves.

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