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We began in 1992 as the Care Liaison Services (CLS) under Ministry of Health (MOH) to coordinate and facilitate the placement of elderly sick to nursing homes and chronic sick units. In 2001, CLS became the Integrated Care Services (ICS) and expanded to take on a greater role in discharge planning and facilitate the transition of patients from hospitals to the community. ICS was then renamed the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) in 2008, and a year later, AIC was established as an independent corporate entity under MOH Holdings, and assumed the role of National Care Integrator.

In 2018, AIC was designated the single agency to coordinate the delivery of aged care services, and to enhance service development and capability-building across both the health and social domains. The Pioneer Generation Office was renamed the Silver Generation Office and joined AIC that same year.

Today, AIC continues in what we are tasked and seeks to create a vibrant care community enabling our people to live well and age gracefully. We work closely with Community Care partners in supporting them in service development and manpower-capability building to raise the quality of care and bringing care support closer to those in need.

A Vibrant Care Community Enabling our People to Live Well and Age Gracefully

Empowering Seniors and Clients, Transforming the Care Community

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