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About ASM Pacific Technology

ASM Pacific Technology Ltd. was founded in 1975. We are the world's leading supplier of semiconductor assembly and SMT equipment with global presence in more than 30 countries. As a Group that achieved revenue of US$2.25 billion in 2017, ASMPT has 11 manufacturing facilities in China, Hong Kong, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, The Netherlands and United Kingdom.

Our core businesses are the Back-end Equipment, Materials and SMT Solutions. Our Back-end Equipment Segment and SMT Solutions are number one position in the market while lead frame business is the world’s third biggest supplier. We have 10 R&D centres and more than 1,000 patents on leading edge technologies.

Some of our Awards include: 
• The “Caring Company” Logo by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service since 2012
• 10 Best Semiconductor Equipment Supplier Rankings for 2017 by VLSI Customer Satisfaction Survey
• Munich factory was awarded Factory of the Year 2016 Award by Produktion/AT Kearney 
• Ranked among Top 3 of Assembly Equipment in 2016 by VLSI Customer Satisfaction Survey
• Ranked among Top 4 of Test Equipment in 2016 by VLSI Customer Satisfaction Survey
• 2016 Corporate Governance Asia: Best Investor Relations Company
• 2015 Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Technology Achievement Grand Award

Our employees formed the bedrock of the Group. Besides offering attractive remuneration packages, ASMPT also placed emphasis to provide extensive training programs for our employees. We seek to provide a fun and fulfilling work environment where our employees are motivated and empowered to be innovative.

ENABLING THE DIGITAL WORLD is ASMPT’s vision and we believe that TOGETHER,
• We have the POWER and Agility to Drive Change
• We deliver the highest value and innovative solutions to our customers through products and solutions with advanced technologies and excellent quality
• We aspire to make ASMPT a great work place, a great business partner and a great company built to last

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