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About Circles.Life

Circles.Life revolutionizes the digital services industry by giving power back to our customers. Born in Singapore as Asia’s first and most successful digital mobile services, our services have been rapidly gaining market share since our 2016 launch, while delivering best-in-class customer experience. We are owning the market in innovation, customer happiness and growth.

Looking ahead, Circles.Life plans to further leverage its telco technology, including a new digital data platform to create more lifestyle products. Discover Events and Movies, both AI-driven features, are the first couple of many more.

We are so committed to the principle of equal employment opportunity and diversity and inclusion for all employees, we even attained pledges for Be Inclusive and adopted Tripartite Standards for Fair Recruitment Practices.

Do you want to own your career growth while learning and operating in a hyper-growth company, and be part of a team building disruptive technology for the digital services market? Are you passionate about being part of a fun, ambitious team that thrives in an entrepreneurial tech environment?

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