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About Connected Freight

Chronic traffic issues and a lack of digitalization negatively affect Business to Business (B2B) logistics in cities all around the world every day. This sector is ready for disruption..

We believe Connected Freight can provide the answer using digital data-based solutions.

We at Connected Freight have made it our mission to help customers add value, remove waste, and improve efficiency and we do it using an end-to-end logistics digital platform with a user-friendly interface. Connected Freight provides our customers with transparency of B2B logistics data, optimization of delivery routes and outsourcing to third party drivers.

This solution to a very real challenge has been evolving since 2017 as a Shell digital venture and has been successfully piloted in Southeast Asia, gaining significant traction among major retailers, suppliers and 3rd-party logistics companies. Satisfied B2B customers have already reported achieving significant savings in time, fuel and vehicle space.

The venture was established as a stand-alone digital logistics service provider in July 2018, incorporated in Singapore, with an independent management and operational structure. The new business continues to receive support from Shell as a corporate investor with  international networks and subject-matter-expertise.

Connected Freight has aggressive expansion goals and an exciting product innovation pipeline in place and is committed to becoming the preferred logistics technology provider for businesses across Asia Pacific.

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SysOps (Cloud / Network / DB)

Senior | $7000 Junior | $6000 - $12000

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