D'Crypt Pte Ltd

Computer & Network Security

51-200 Employees

4.8 (Glassdoor)

About D'Crypt Pte Ltd

D’Crypt is a high-value design and development house. It delivers full-spectrum leading-edge cryptographic technology and components that form integral parts of customer’s information security appliances, systems and applications.

D’Crypt specialises in developing and supplying data security products and components that:

*  are usually not already available, thereby contributing to the advancement of technology;

*  have immediate practical uses in the industry, thereby contributing to the constant stream of new and innovative products, being generated by our customers;

*  are always easy to understand, use or design into larger systems, thereby shortening the time to market, and increasing the return on investment, for our customers. 

D’Crypt's customers are able to build very successful products by integrating D’Crypt's components into their end systems, or building applications on top of some of D’Crypt's products.

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