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About Equatorial Marine Fuel Management Services

Equatorial has constantly been ranked by MPA as one of the Top Ten Accredited Bunker Suppliers by volume in Singapore. This consistency in our high ranking is a testament to the level of trust and confidence our customers has placed in the Company all these years.

Equatorial’s current staff strength stands at over 250 employees while our reputation stems from having managed a portfolio of over 700 customers spanning across the various continents.

With good internal controls and as an Accredited Bunker Supplier, Equatorial is one of the select 48 bunkering companies in Singapore to be awarded the Marine Fuel Trader (“MFT”) status by the IRAS.

Equatorial is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and our vessels are all certified and awarded ISM by Lloyd’s Register. This is proof of Equatorial’s stringent enforcement of safety and internal quality management controls.

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