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H3 Zoom.AI is the world's first artificial intelligence micro-services cloud platform dedicated to maintenance inspections and monitoring of commercial assets for industrial and institutional clients globally.  

H3 Zoom is the digital product line under H3 Dynamics, which also ties to automated visual or other sensory data acquisition systems such as autonomous DBX drone stations, manually flown drones, CCTV or cellphone cameras, vehicle integrated cameras and sensors, as well as other forms of robotics (land and marine).

Facade Inspector is the first commercially available AI-enabled reporting service on H3 Zoom, focused on high-rise building surface inspection.. It is designed to make facade inspections and defect reporting faster, safer, more accurate and cheaper, making life easier for building and estate facilities managers, developers, owners, insurers, and engineering/contractor companies anywhere in the world.

For more information, contact:
Jia Wei Lwee (Business Development Associate, jiawei@h3dynamics.com
Singapore Office: +65 6259 2033
Email. sales@h3zoom.ai

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