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About Hmlet

We began in 2016 with a desire to create a living solution that was more than just a roof and four walls. We wanted to create living experiences that didn’t just end as soon as the ink dried on your contract. 

We envisioned homes that would inspire connections and encourage people to do more - without having to worry about the tedium of traditional home rental. Loneliness, utilities, cleaning, wifi, the occasional landlord drama - you know, the dry stuff. Thus our coliving service was conceived to make that vision a reality. 

Thousands of doors, US$40m in Series B funding, and four cities later, we have now evolved from a coliving operator to a living and lifestyle platform. On top of offering private and shared housing with a vibrant member community, we have expanded our business to include furniture rental and interior design consultancy. Our service offerings have expanded, but our mission to change the way people live remains unwavering.

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