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About Interplex

The Interplex Group is a leading multinational technological manufacturer. Headquartered in Singapore, our team of about 13,000 employees embark on a daily journey to design, engineer, and deliver advanced applications development and manufacturing solutions for customers in at least 30 locations across 14 countries. Our global footprint is flanked by two power-teams – Interplex Product Development (IPD) and Technology Innovation Centers (TICs). The 6 Product Development sites and 3 Technology Innovation Centers focus on emerging technologies, design and development. This allows us to provide customers with the highest quality solutions to the most demanding problems.
Our business philosophy: Any solution, Anywhere™. We believe in providing the best solution to our customers, regardless of where they are. We build our business around excellent customer support. From pre-sales to after-sales, engineering, quality, marketing, operations, logistics, and almost everything and anything in between, we’ve got you covered! Interplex’s expertise extends across a diversified range of markets, including automotive/automotive mechatronics, consumer electronics, imaging and printing, industrial electronics, mass storage, medical/life sciences, mobile and telecommunications and networking and enterprise solutions.

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