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Kilde is a global private debt investment platform. We intermediate funding of alternative lenders (Non-banking financial institutions) arranging the issuance of debt securities at our licensed platform in Singapore.

For alternative lenders, we open a credit line at our marketplace from $300k to $5m with interest rate 8-12% p.a. We have a deep pool of liquidity from both institutional and HNWIs investors. 

Investing in alternative lenders' loan portfolios, previously available only to institutional investors, brings above the average returns. Those returns are not correlated with traditional investment assets and commodities, rendering such an investment a welcome diversification tool.

For investors, we offer a seamless, secure, and liquid way how to get exposure to private debt through a licensed marketplace in Singapore. We do the heavy lifting of credit and collateral assessment, covenants monitoring, and contractual arrangements with the borrowers and licensed trustees. Hence, we allow institutional investors to allocate funds below their minimum investment ticket and HNWIs to diversify part of their portfolio into a high-yields uncorrelated asset class.  

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