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With Today's Technology, The Future of Learning is Borderless - David Yeo, Founder (Kydon Group)

New technologies are fast changing the way our global mobile workforce and young people learn.

At Kydon, we are excited about the change and seek to help organisations meet this challenge.

We are transforming learning across many industries through our 3 core services: Learning Design and Solution (Kydon Learning Systems Institute), Learning Platform (ZilLearn) and Thought Leadership on the Future of Work and Learning (LEARNTech Asia).

Kydon’s approach to learning focuses on the contemporary workplace needs – influencing organisations in taking a different attitude towards training and development.

We believe that Transformational Learning means more than just training or educating people – we seek to inspire their hearts and minds to actively engage in innovation and professional development.

Reach out to find out how we can reshape learning together today.

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