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About Marine Online

Marine Online (MOL) is a B2B e-commerce platform for shipping services that includes chartering, bunkering, crewing, port agency, ship supply, ship purchase & sell and other marine services. With a team of marine professionals coupled with AI data, MOL provides feasible solutions to vessels sailing globally. We have unified and digitalized information to value-add the maritime industry.

By implementing advanced technology into the traditional practices, we make business processes convenient for Bunkering, Chartering, Crewing, Marine Insurance, Marine Supply, Port Agency, S&P (Sales & Purchase), all within a single platform – Marine Online.

Find and match open cargo globally for your vessel with 0% commission

MOL organizes bunkering group buy to consolidate volume to get a better bunker price during selected periods. 

Find seafarers easily for your vessel with our crewing platform as we have thousands of job seekers on board.

Ship Supply:
We will provide multiple quotations from suppliers for you to compare with thousands of suppliers that are on board with us. 

Port Agency:
MOL also provides port agency services such as cash to master, local transport arrangement, and more.

Ship for Sale:
Sell your vessel with us through our platform! We have many vessels listed for sale.

Other Marine Services:
We also have other services such as safety inspection, marine insurance, and more.

Besides being a convenient platform for businesses, Marine Online can also assist in saving operation costs between 10% -25% if our services are well utilized by our clients.

We are championing the cause of going into full digitalization for the maritime industry.  


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