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Moveon is a leader in lighting management through our wide range of optics engineering and fabrication solutions. With consumer electronics increasingly powering internet applications, the demand for optical components has increased exponentially 

Moveon is uniquely positioned to provide rapid proto-typing, a one stop shop for all your Optical solutions - 
Supporting low volume start-ups thru MP requiring million+ per month.  From Concept to Mass Production our In House capabilities are 2nd to none.  (Two Photon Polymerization) located in the Bay Area eliminates traditional Optical design barriers. 

Product manufacturers are moving towards providing higher intelligence within products in an evolving trend known as the β€œinternet of things (IoT),”  See how Moveon is Providing the Optics of things to come at

Moveon completes all ISO 9001 certified processes in-house, including tooling, diamond turning, optical coating chambers, design, prototyping, manufacturing and innovative simulation software like TracePro, OSLO, Zemax and Code-5.

We partner with industry leaders in medical optics, defense (DOD), Augmented reality, virtual reality, mobile phone, Smart Watch, wearable technology, self-driving vehicles, gaming, time of flight sensors, wafer level optics, iris recognition, illumination and navigation. Moveon is the only company providing LENS Replication and advanced DOE with customized 2  photon equipment. 

We can solve your optical challenges!
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Optical Engineering, Computer Simulations, Optical Components, Mirco-Optics, Nano Optics, IoT, internet of things, Optical Imaging, Optical Sensors, Illumination Optics, Organic LED, touch screen displays, Optical Connections, Optical Lenses, optical replication, Optical Fabrication, Optical Tooling, Optical Thin-Film Coating, Optical Metrology, embedded optics, Lean Manufacturing, Optical Manufacturing

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