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According to a 2019 report by Forbes, 57% of AE's missed quota. 
On the other hand, over the last five years, the investments in sales technology have grown multi-folds across businesses. 
At the same time, sales quota attainment has fallen by over 40%.
The reason is simple; Most Sales tools today don't focus on making salespeople better at sales!

We are on a mission to change this and make a product built for salespeople at the core.
We want to "Democratize Quota attainment" and have all AE's hit their Quota.

We are building an AI assistant for AE's that will help them smash their quota by guiding them to win more deals bigger, better, faster.

The platform will be a step towards how"The Future of Sales" could look like.

We're currently in private beta with hundreds of ambitious early adopters; sign up for the waitlist at

The founding team has nearly two decades of experience founding and growing startups and building and selling SaaS products globally.

We take pride in diverse and remote-first work culture, so anyone, anywhere, can be part of our team and join us in this exciting journey. 

If you are interested in joining us, drop a note on and let us know what role you would like to play in this exciting journey that we have embarked upon. BTW, we have a "Work from Anywhere" policy, so feel free to choose where you work. Salaries

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