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About Osaka Kuma

Osakakuma is Singapore's first store to offer a true selection of curated Japanese beauty and personal care brands featuring a carefully curated range of over 1000 collections based on over 10,000 surveryed customers. We offer top brands across five categories of skincare, cosmetics, personal care, mother and baby and healthcare supplements. 

All the products are directly flown in from Japan and delivered to customers via various online and offline channels, ensuring uniformed prices and shopping experience across the board. Adapting to a "small and curated" strategy instead of the typical "big and excessive" model so it can offer the lowest price possible by cutting out middlemen costs through its intermediary links such as warehousing, logistics and overall sales cost, allowing customers to experience the most efficient and convenient shopping methods available today. 

Osakakuma is now in 6 countries with 2 physical stores in Singapore and 15 online stores around the world. 

At our core, we strongly stand by the art of elevating your beauty, health and lifestyle at the lowest price with our best Japanese selection, assuring that we only bring you the world-class quality products into your daily routine.

Working towards a prettier and better life is a never-ending journey, and our customers’ success is what keeps us going! At Osakakuma, you can unleash your creativity because we give you what you need to lead your mini-passion project. We are committed to your personal growth and development through continuous learning, and we empower you to be the best version of yourself.

If reading the above gives you tingling vibes, we want you! Shoot us an email at now!

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