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About Panalyt

Panalyt bridges the People-Data Gap, enabling real-time, uniform access to relevant people data, reports and insights for CxOs, HR and business managers.

People data, including employee interactions and connections is combined with business data, catalyzing new insights and intelligence.

Predictive analytics moves the business from reactive to proactive, identifying correlations and points of intervention.

The People Enhanced Data movement empowers businesses to leapfrog to data-driven HR decision making, eliminating bias and improving engagement, sales effectiveness, productivity and, as a result, business performance.

“Panalyt is the only multi-source analytics platform in our study that also offers ONA to analyze digital collaboration and communication based on passive data. The company further integrates sales and business data, allowing line managers to identify and focus on areas critical to them.” - RedThread Research's People Analytics Tech 2020 Report

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