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About Plus65 Interactive

With the ethos of Creating Innovations, Plus65 Interactive is at the forefront of exploring possibilities and making real-world advances in the interactive arena. Made up of passionate technology professionals and consultants with a wealth of experience and wide scope of expertise, we constantly push the envelope to deliver the ultimate in interactive products and services. Here we work hard and play hard as a team, combining our passions to create better experiences for all our clients.

Our Services:

Customized Solutions

Business processes are key to the success of any business. Streamlined businesses will yield higher productivity and deliver more value to the customers. Effective systems should enable optimised efficiency and provide new opportunities for growth. It should never be the other way around, where technology dictates the process. Our customised technology solutions accommodate the needs of our clients and ultimately improve the experience of their customers.

Web Design and Branding

All of our projects are born from our expert team of creative designers and user experience analysts. They start from scratch, understanding the business needs, crafting the brand and visual language that the product will portray. Throughout the product lifecycle, this brand will be at the core of all we do, steering towards an end product that has the intended impact and presents perfectly on any device.

Interactive Installations

An essential feature of interactivity is to subject users with notions of reason & cognition, perception & memory, emotion & affection. With these fundamental principles in mind, our team of developers, designers and producers work hand-in-hand, using cutting-edge multimedia to create lasting experiences in interactive environments.

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