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POP TV is a mass market Video-on-Demand service that offers a wide variety of wholesome family-friendly, local language entertainment at highly affordable prices. 

POP TV is tailor-made for low cost mobile devices through proprietary video encoding that ensures minimum data usage and is available on both iOS and Android devices. Downloads and sharing require minimum user intervention. Highly secure file encryption and DRM that is authenticated only through subscription allow your personal details to remain safe and free of fraud. Through our child-friendly mode, children only watch content that is best for them.

Thousands of hours of Filipino blockbusters, classics, tele series and diverse international content, spanning all genres, is available at any point in time. Content is downloadable and you need not be connected to data to view it. With high quality HD resolution content, we provide you with the best that smartphones can display. Our recommendation engine learns from what you watch and makes suggestions that cater to your preferences.

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