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Request (REQ) is the open technology for all invoices. Corporate #DeFi. 
Part of the #blockchain revolution.

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Our first product is Request Invoicing, it allows to send invoices in FIAT and get paid in Cryptocurrencies. Stablecoins such as USDC, DAI and USDT are the preferred option for businesses, especially for fast and cost-effective international payments.

Blockchain-based invoices allow for a fairer ecosystem of businesses. The invoice payment reputation system incentivizes good behaviors.

The escrow system we're building is basically code that replaces banks as third parties. Businesses can charge a new client in a different continent without getting anxious about default payment.

We are here to serve as a compliant bridge between the traditional and digital world. By enabling easy to use payment requests on the blockchain, the Request Network Foundation empowers businesses to take full control over their finances.

$REQ token can allow:
- anti-spam (clean network of crypto invoices)
- governance (stakeholders can decide too)
- staking (to increase decentralization)
- discounts (for users)
- independency

#fairness #crypto #cryptoinvoice #reputation $USDC $USDT $DAI #invoice #blockchain #fintech #ethereum #bitcoin

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