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At Ryde, we believe in sustainable travelling. So we’re here to make the daily commute better for all, while promoting a green and car-lite society. Being a technology company with mobility at the core of our business, we reimagine the way we move around - where communities are brought closer and travelling made sustainable.

Ryde started as a ride-sharing platform that matches drivers with riders going the same way to share a ride (RydePool), but we haven’t stopped there. We have established extended product services to include an e-payment platform (RydePay), taxi booking and insurance purchase. We are continuously building features that benefit everyone.

Founded in September 2014, Ryde is currently available in Singapore and have presence in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Australia.

If you are an innovative individual with a passion for problem-solving and want to work where you are inspired to explore your curiosity, nurture your talents and make an impact, drop us a message!

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