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About The Matcha Initiative

The Matcha Initiative has been created to help businesses shift from an unsustainable “business as usual” towards a more conscious and active preparation for a better future.

To be resilient and competitive in the long run, businesses have to integrate sustainability in their daily operations. Why? Because more and more people (partners, customers, employees, institutions) will ask for responsible actions and not only adaptation will be necessary, but also mitigation. 

The sooner you will start, the easier it will be.

We believe that there is a huge potential for education, innovation and impact with businesses. We are also aware that driving change may be difficult for various reasons: lack of know-how, of budget, of time, of strategy…
Our website is a one-stop tool for them to kickstart their journey towards sustainability.

TMI platform is a ground-up initiative created in Singapore, by a group of hands-on individuals who couldn’t witness the consequences of their actions on the planet and do nothing about it.
Our members come from different walks of life. We are citizens, entrepreneurs, professionals, parents, change-makers.

We believe collaboration is key to any change. We aim to build an ecosystem to create business & network opportunities, inspire more companies by sharing best practices, connect people and organisations and educate professionals. 

Together we are stronger: join the community of solution providers and experts. 
We happily discuss with Institutions, Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Universities, Startups, MNCs… Feel free to reach out to us at team[at]thematchainitiative[dot]com

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