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About Waste Labs

Waste Labs is a Singapore-based Artificial Intelligence company that helps to optimise waste collection, and enable recycling and circular supply chains. 

Our AI platform provides cities and waste managers with data-driven insights and prescriptive recommendations that enable our customers to build and operate efficient waste collection systems anywhere in the world.

Our platform brings together waste-specific data and optimisation technologies developed over 12+ years of R&D, and can serve multiple business and sustainability purposes: 

▫️Map out waste generation flows in the area;
▫️Design smart and sustainable infrastructure and routing systems for general and recyclable waste logistics;
▫️Identify incremental revenue opportunities and generate lists of prospective waste producers;
▫️Optimise service costs and profitability of existing collection business.

Waste Labs serves leading waste management companies and sustainable producers in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and the UK.

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