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4.0 (Glassdoor)

About XII Braves

XII Braves is a mobile games studio staffed with accomplished and motivated veterans who have worked on multiple AAA mobile games. The company’s goal is to establish itself as a premier company in the mobile games sector by focusing on creating well-designed, original, and sublime experiences.

XII Braves’ first title “Valiant Force” is a turn-based tactics RPG mobile game. Built using the Unity engine for Android and iOS, it combines beautiful artwork, captivating storytelling, gratifying character progression, and ingenious gameplay. Valiant Force is assuredly easy to get the hang of but challenging to master.

XII Braves’ studio is located in Singapore. 
Follow the company Facebook Page at [www.facebook.com/XIIBraves], and 
Valiant Force at [www.facebook.com/ValiantForce.XIIBraves].

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