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About YoungPlanet

The YoungPlanet app helps you find children's things for free and pass on things that you don't need anymore. The app connects you with people in your local area who want the same. 


Founded by parents to address the inherent waste, product obsolescence and cost of raising children as well as to help declutter modern homes and keep things out of landfill, YoungPlanet is a platform and app designed to ‘turn the stuff you don’t need into the things that others enjoy’...

The Beginning...

YoungPlanet started as a family project and came about as a result of living and working in London, New York, Dallas, Paris, Istanbul and Moscow and entering new communities with young children. Having travelled a bit as a family we have been inspired by the amount of children’s stuff we had been able to acquire through US style ‘garage sales’ and ‘hand me downs’ in the various places we have lived... One such item was a red fire truck coveted by our first son but also loved by his brothers - the vendor refused payment for the toy stating that it "was more valuable to see it go to good use and to a happy child" and this got us thinking...

YoungPlanet - What It Is...

It is a cashless platform, based on ‘giving’ and ‘receiving’ (not necessarily concurrently) via the app and for free.

“Live the way you want to live, but just don't waste..."

             Sir David Attenborough, Seven Worlds: One Planet

YoungPlanet combines transactional functionality with sharing economy principles. Users list unwanted items on the app, or look for items they may want or need. In the latter case they make contact with the ‘giver’ and exchange messages to arrange the exchange either in person, at a drop off location, or via the post or courier.

All and always given and received for free...

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