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Job Type

Senior (≥ 6 yrs)

Years of Experience
At least 5 years

Tech Stacks

Job Description

Just like everybody else in the company, your purpose is to deliver a great platform for our members. As an engineering manager, you do that by passionately making the teams and individuals successful by mentoring them, supporting them in their continuous learning journey, and taking away impediments. Your passion and enthusiasm about building Agile organisations will be a beacon for the entire team. Your main purpose is to help the teams to continuously deliver high-quality software and instil a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.
Your Focus
Your contribution will include:
·      Work closely with the other engineers in your squad, the product owner and the other teams to continuously deliver high-quality, maintainable, scalable and production-ready software
·      Uphold best practices in engineering, security, quality and design
·      Implement components given the requirements based upon analysis by the product owners
·      Cover your code with the necessary test automation
·      Set up the necessary CI/CD pipelines to deliver your code to production in a fully automated way
·      Take full responsibility for the things you build and deliver to production by making sure that, together with the SRE team, the right monitoring and alerting is in place
·      Perform root cause analysis, based on feedback from our members, our monitoring systems and metrics

Your Knowledge
·      You have an academic degree (BSc or MSc) in computer science or a related field, complemented with a minimum of 5 years of working experience.
·      You have deep experience programming in Java. Python and Javascript are a big plus.
·      You have knowledge about the Java ecosystems, know which packages to use for which tasks and which modules/libraries are accepted industry standards.
·      You can properly structure your code supporting long term maintainability.
·      You have extensive knowledge about the Java tooling with respect to building, correctness testing and checking code quality and code coverage of the tests.
·      Knowledge of version control through git is essential.
·      You have experience in refactoring code to improve code structure.
·      You have experience with profiling code to find bottlenecks and propose performance improvements.
·      You know your way around the Linux operating system.
·      You have worked on relational databases and know SQL.
·      You can work independently and take matters into your own hands.
·      The ability to quickly learn new technologies and successfully implement them is essential.
·      Work experience with Docker
·      Work experience with CircleCI or other CI/CD tools
·      Work experience in distributed computation frameworks (Kafka, Spark, Hadoop ecosystem).
·      Work experience in Graph databases.
·      Work experience in NoSQL databases.
·      Notions of machine learning and data mining.
Your Qualities
Your qualities are seen, heard and observed every day through your words, actions and behaviours. They are a key part of our DNA.
We seek our team members to be :
Agile, Authentic​, Collaborative, Courageous​, Curious​, Resourceful and Passionate​
Your Attitude
Your attitude is a big part of what you bring to Aaqua. It contributes hugely to our culture, which is why cultural fit is something we take very seriously when we bring on new team members.
We expect everyone to play their part in :
Putting Members First, Building an Inclusive Community, Delivering the Unexpected, Be Always Evolving, and Keeping it Real
Why work for us
At Aaqua we are committed to real economic value distribution and this extends to our people. Aaqua is creating a work culture that caters to all your YOU's. Our total rewards package is highly attractive, with generous compensation, options programs, comprehensive medical coverage and workplace flexibility.

Developing our people is a given and the exposure you will get at Aaqua will see you always evolving, creating opportunities for rapid career advancement. By putting our "members first" (that includes YOU), you will deliver the unexpected every day. Aaqua's agile focus drives collaboration, ideation and allows you to be your true self, empowers our people and delivers a passionate and fun team.
Aaqua is a diverse and inclusive culture. We want our people to be reflective of our members and commit to a non-discriminatory culture that does not judge by; age, gender, sexual orientation and gender reassignment, race and colour, disability, religion and beliefs, pregnancy and family responsibilities, education level and all of your YOU's.
Aaqua is the place for all YOUR YOUS.
Feel like YOU are a fit for this opportunity?
If so, please send your interest to join@aaqua.live

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