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At least 5 years

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We are looking for Systems Level Software Developer for Windows reports to the Director of Development. The incumbent is responsible for all system R&D tasks, assigned by the Director of Development, related software architecture and interfaces design for existing and forthcoming components.


  • Be effective in the role of user-mode components developer for Windows platform with the focus on Cyber Protection solutions.
  • Be effective it the role of the moderately experienced reverse engineer. Be willing to acquire advanced skills in reverse engineering.
  • Participate in software architecture and interfaces design for both Windows-specific and cross-platform components developed and maintained by the Team. Participate in integration of those components to higher-level components or products developed by other teams.
  • Maintain existing codebase that the Team is responsible for, fix bugs in components in a timely manner. Widely communicate with other teams to investigate and resolve complex issues that might require efforts from several different teams.
  • Assist the Team Director of Development in driving the professional growth of the Team members by sharing knowledge and experience in the following areas: Windows internals, security, C and modern C++ development and information security.
  • Ensure that development progress, current issues and risks are clearly communicated to the Director of Development.

  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Information Security or the equivalent engineering education and experience.
  • Good knowledge and coding experience in C/C++ languages. Sufficient understanding of Windows platform internals. Knowledge in information security field and/or experience in developing security solutions are the plus.
  • 5 years of overall development experience on Windows. Experience in writing asynchronous, thread-safe and concurrent code. Experience in writing production-grade code is mandatory, willing to improve this skill.
  • Good understanding of standard libraries, algorithms and operations complexity
  • AI programming experience is the plus
  • Experience developing highly efficient libraries, services/daemons
  • Strong user-mode debugging skills. Willing to learn and improve the skill.
  • Willingness to learn and grow in the professional team environment
  • Some reverse engineering skills are a plus though not mandatory, some experience with IDA Pro or other similar tools. The same applies to having the good knowledge of assembly language on x86/AMD64 CPU architectures, not mandatory, but the plus.
  • Knowledge and experience in software architecture and interfaces (API) design is mandatory. Experience in developing robust and scalable software solutions, performance analysis and tuning would be a plus.
  • Linux/MAC API and OS architecture internal knowledge would be a plus


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