Software System Engineer


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Job Summary

Job Type

Senior (≥ 6 yrs)

Years of Experience
At least 8 years

Job Description

The Senior Software Engineer applies the principles of software engineering to the design, development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of software and systems to fulfil the stakeholder requirements.
He/She performs software validation assignments requiring initiative, resourcefulness and design experience and provides advice and guidance to other TCMS engineers or designers.

Key Responsibilities

  • Software Architect:
To analyze and transform specified requirements, leveraging the defined platform and available components into an acceptable architecture which has the required safety integrity level and validates the architecture against requirements and assumptions.
  • Software Integrator:
Assemble software and/or hardware items through all levels up to form a complete subsystem (e.g. TCMS Platform Architecture or TCMS user application software), according to the architectural and design specifications. The Software Integrator delivers the final generic software system to ensure the finalization of the Project on time.
  • Software Configuration Engineer:
To establish and maintain the integrity of work products using configuration identification, control, and status accounting. The software configuration manager delivers the software design area in a structured and timely manner fulfilling all requirements.
  • Software Verifier:
Examine and judge whether the output of a specific development phase fulfils respective requirements, mostly document reviews. The verifier ensures proper documentation during all project phases.
  • Software Project Lead:
Manage the project's scope by setting, maintaining and reporting project budgets and schedules. Monitoring metrics on the status of critical tasks and objectives as well as expediting project related issues and topics. The senior softwarwe engineer leads a group of employees in software engineering domain to the successful completion of product design and integration tasks on time and in quality.
  • Scrum Master:
The Scrum Master (as known within the Scrum framework, and as agile coach more generically) is responsible for ensuring that agile values are understood, and the corresponding processes are used as intended.
  • Agile Product Owner:
The agile product owner (“product owner” within the Scrum framework, or “backlog manager” in other agile documents) is the role assumed by the person who is “responsible for maximizing the value of the product and the work of the development team”
  • Software Requirements Engineer:
To carry out requirements engineering and controlling change and communicating to relevant stakeholders. The requirements manager specifies and maintains the requirements in a structured and timely manner to ensure the delivery of time.

Qualifications & Functional Knowledge


  • BSc degree, MSc or PhD graduate.
Relevant Experience Required

  • Typically minimum 8 years of relevant work experience with BSc degree or 5 to 8 years of relevant work experience with MSc degree or PhD degree and 3 to 5 years of relevant experience
  • Experience in leading software development team and project activities
Specialized or cross-functional knowledge / relevant experience required by the position/role

  • Familiar with complete software development life-cycle ( requirements management, design, development and testing ) for embedded systems
  • Excellent knowledge of control systems design, testing and troubleshooting in automative including offhighway vehicles/rail/avionics domain
  • Excellent knowledge of communication systems
  • Excellent knowledge of IEC 1131 programming language or equivalent modelling techniques for embedded systems development
  • Has performed complete lifecycle of product or application development in minimum in two projects
  • Strong knowledge of Software Configuration Management
  • Experience of working with global teams
Other Requirements (e.g. Computer Or Tooling Skills)

  • Working experience with latest Windows Operating System
  • Working experience with various MS Office (EXCEL, Word, PowerPoint, …) applications
  • Experience in leading development team with a minimum of 3 members
  • Has sound understanding of concepts and procedures in own discipline and a good knowledge in related disciplines
  • Likely to be specialized in a specific technical area
  • Uses best practices and knowledge of internal or external business issues to recommend improvement of products, services and technical processes within own and related teams
  • Impacts a range of customer, operational, project or service activities within own team and other teams whose work activities are closely related
  • Solves complex problems; analyzes possible solutions using technical experience and judgement
An agile, inclusive and responsible culture is the foundation of our company where diverse people are offered excellent opportunities to grow, learn and advance in their careers. We are committed to encouraging our employees to reach their full potential, while valuing and respecting them as individuals.


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