Senior Software Engineer - Data & ML


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Job Summary

Job Type

Senior (≥ 6 yrs)

Years of Experience
At least 5 years

Tech Stacks

Job Description

We are looking for a software engineer with experience and interest in data and ML intensive systems. Responsibilities include developing machine learning powered features for online search / retrieval / computational advertisement systems such as custom language / query processing models / machine translation for multi-lingual search / retrieval as well as designing data pipelines, systems and architecture that can meet severe reliability and fault tolerance demands. 

While multi-lingual NLP experience is ideal (but not essential), we emphasise taking a systems view of ML products and are looking for strong intuition and experience on the software engineering aspects of building large scale online ML systems. If you identify as a software professional with an interest in data and machine learning powered systems, we are keen to talk.

You will play a meaningful role building data products that deliver on Apple's privacy commitments and change the way advertising works with data. You will be a leading voice in our technology strategy and its delivery, developing and mentoring junior members of the team.

Key Qualifications
  • 5+ years of relevant industry experience.
  • Experience working on a shared codebase that supports web-scale, mission critical applications.
  • Experience with pipelines and architectures that support machine learning development platforms and production systems.
  • Proficiency with statistics and using data analysis to understand data quality, profile systems, understand the relationship between business and engineering metrics.
  • You are a clear and effective communicator, and enjoy problem solving.
  • Experience with search, natural language processing and machine learning.
  • Experience building big data pipelines with Python, Java, Scala and Spark.
  • Experience with information retrieval concepts such as query understanding, indexing, retrieval and ranking.
  • Experience with multi-lingual natural language processing.
  • Familiarity with A/B testing and a data driven product development process.

At Ad Platforms, we are constantly developing data products to provide amazing user experiences and drive value for publishers and developers. You will: 

-  Develop machine learning powered features and solutions for problems in multi-lingual online search / retrieval / computational advertising.
-  Design and implement new pipelines, storage, and processing solutions using modern, distributed systems approaches and technologies.
-  Advocate for the design and implementation approaches you propose.
-  Follow standard methodologies in storage, processing, copy / synchronization, etc. appropriate to the scale and maturity of our products.
-  Learn new machine learning, data mining, and/or natural language processing techniques for a variety of modeling and relevance problems involving users, data and ads.
-  Work in cross-functional teams to prototype new concepts and deliver end-to-end systems in an agile setting
-  Design and deliver high quality systems with excellent reliability and scalability, managing complexity and providing for efficient operations
-  Work closely with partners across the organization to create and build data-driven products

Education & Experience
Bachelors, Masters, or PhD or equivalent professional experience in Computer Science, Distributed Systems, Software Engineering, or related field and experience designing, building, maintaining, and extending web-scale production data systems.


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