Job Summary

$4,500 - $8,000 SGD / Monthly

Job Type


Years of Experience
At least 3 years

Job Description

  • Performs network administrative tasks based upon instructions given by Customers such as switch port assignment and app+A25lying Customer approved configuration templates.
  • Co-Ordinates with the Customer network services team & ITSC on day-to-day network problem resolution.
  • Maintains LAN/wireless diagrams & IP addresses for all sites.
  • Assigning static addresses to server/devices based on change and RMS requests.
  • Responsible for the backup, maintenance, and restoration of configuration in the network equipment.
  • Performs monthly reporting on L3 switches performance monitoring providing capacity utilization statistics and monthly problem trend analysis reports.
  • Daily notification of alerts, alarms & critical events. Log ticket to raise change to ITSC remedy system for problem fixing if required.
  • Close & update ITSC assigned remedy ticket & provide daily status report update in tickets attended on the next working day.
  • Responsible for configuration (e.g. configuration of new VLAN/setup) for new or existing switches or wireless infrastructure.
  • Responsible for coordination with cabling vendor on user RMS on LAN point activation.
  • Responsible for operational enhancements to local Singapore Customer networks when necessary including implementation of agreed bug fix/updated and firmware enhancements.
  • Responsible for driving service improvement plan
  • Provide root cause analysis reports and participate in root causes analysis calls for severity 1 and 2 problems.
  • Provide access control to the cabling closet and maintain the tidiness of the cables.
  • Provide break and fix support of network equipment listed in Schedule A of the Statement of Work.
  • Co-ordinate with LAN equipment supplier for all LAN hardware-related problems.
  • Carry out Operational Acceptance Testing ("OAT") of network equipment per AIG on new switches.
  • Perform approved RMS requests and change requests via the Customer system, including testing of the network per AIG.
  • Provide weekend support for building power maintenance activities. Ensuring Network devices are normalized post power resumption. Assist in powering up network elements & verifying the power status of network equipment.
  • Provide site access & escort Telco vendors for leased line installation or problem troubleshooting in Customer premises, including after office hours.
  • Escort & provide on-site access to Customer vendor to fix network hardware-related problems, including after office hours.
  • Support first level support user ADSL connection Problem in Customer Premises; escalate to Telecom's Vendor if needed.
  • Provide first-level support to Network services to check on link, functional & power status, reboot network device as requested by SCB network services. Network appliances consist of network appliances such as F5/Netscreen/Cisco ASA / Nortel VPN/ Bluecoat/External party routers.
  • Performs preventive maintenance based upon Customer procedure supported by IBM.
  • Performs operation activities based upon Customer operations guidelines such as equipment configuration housekeeping and configuration baseline screening.
  • Performs first-level networking equipment troubleshooting and is responsible for escalation to maintenance vendor. First level troubleshooting work activities is defined as:
  • Physical checking of equipment power status.
  • Physical checking of network cabling connection (exclude concealed or unreachable areas).
  • Visual inspection of equipment Operation LEDs.
  • Console check of CPU and Memory utilization and status.
  • Inspect same day capture of system log for abnormal or suspicious events (excluded security-related analysis and investigations).
  • Perform system core or trace dump based upon Customer provided procedures.
  • Performs annual inventory inspection exercises.
  • Updated Customer network diagrams where information in complete and adequate using Customer provided software applications. Effort shall be limited to:
  • Updating of existing Customer network diagram softcopy documents in logical representat+A25ion only. (Significant revamp of documents will be chargeable).
  • Equipment that physically resided in Singapore mainland only.
  • Equipment list specified in Schedule A of the SOW.

Desired Skills and Experience
Switches, Maintenance, network services, IP addresses, Administration work, network problems, Security, scope, Data Center, Cisco Technologies, Network Design, Networking, Network Security, Change, Restoration, Firewalls

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