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The Data Team is responsible for analyzing how initiatives and business has performed; developing visualizations and reports for executives and teams; supporting the organisation’s data-driven roadmap; maintaining data integrity across requests from most departments from Product, Marketing, Legal and Compliance to Business Development, Support and Operations.

The team is organised as 24/7/365, shifting between time zones at lunchtime (Asia, Europe and the America). Morning is spent on support work such as building dashboards or running analyses for departments. Afternoons are free of meetings and spent on longer term projects such as experiments or infrastructure. Team members can be remote or office-based, with all team members involved in all time zones’ projects.

A separate Data Engineering team takes care of ingesting and keeping online around 50-100TB of data from a variety of sources for the team, but skills overlap is welcome.


  • Understand the platform, products and external data sources to knowledgeably support business users.
  • Write Redshift and PostgreSQL queries, create and support Tableau dashboards to support all departments. Through automation, make this less than 10% of your time.
  • Prototype external data source ingestion for Data Engineering to productionise.
  • Contribute to the build-out of a more robust, longer term PB-scale data infrastructure.
  • Create, run and document experiments to explore high risk, low visibility opportunities. The target success rate / risk level for experiments is around 1 in 10 with a focus on learning, documentation and replicability.
  • Stay up to date with competitor offerings, where BitMEX stands in terms of product suite, volumes, market share; proactively identify areas we should be focusing on.
Minimum Required Skills

  • Experience writing SQL queries using more than 5 CTEs / subqueries; any relational dialect but PostgreSQL family preferred.
  • Empathy for and experience observing users, particularly non-technical.
  • Experience creating Data visualisations for more than 5 non-technical users.
  • Appreciation for real teamwork, including thoughtful and structured documentation.
  • Transcend the letter of the request and understand and solve for its spirit.
  • Desire to learn something new every day and year - a key OKR is personal growth.

  • Advanced understanding of PostgreSQL at all levels from having read some of the C source to multi-source logical replication; extra bonus if you’ve used Postgres in a relational manner at 10TB+ scale with tables at 50bn+ rows.
  • Normalised a schema of over 500 tables.
  • Formal training in computer science, abstract mathematics or statistics.
  • Interest in modern DevOps developments (including Nix).
  • Experience with low latency, parallelism or concurrency.
  • FOSS contributions.
  • Intuitive understanding of options, up to second or third order greeks e.g. explain vega convexity to people with no financial background.
  • Sufficient machine learning experience to appreciate simpler deterministic approaches.
  • You’ve used higher kinded types in any language (especially in Haskell/Mercury/Idris, OCaml/SML, Scala…).
  • Comfortable with APL family languages (APL, J, NumPy, K, q...).
  • You've read/heard about: Edgar Codd, Chris Date, Johns Backus and McCarthy, Claude Shannon, Alonso Church…
  • You’ve at least thought about opening TAOCP.
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