Software Engineer (Distributed Storage System), Cloud Infrastructure


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Amazon S3

Job Description

We are looking for a Distributed Storage System Software Engineer who is experienced in designing and developing several software systems described below.
- Object Storage Service: Store objects like pictures, videos, documents, etc. (Requires object storage design and development experience).
- HDFS: As a traditional storage product in the BigData area, we re-design and implement HDFS with C++. So far, it's supporting not only Data Platform, but also Advertisement, Machine Learning, and Search services. (Requires a solid technical foundation in distributed storage systems. Big Data experience will be a plus.)
- ByteStore: A shared storage system, the underlying platform of ByteDance's storage systems, supports applications such as object, block, table, file, etc.

- Design and develop innovative distributed storage systems, including but not limited to Object Storage, HDFS, ByteStore;
- Continuously improve the storage system in terms of stability, scalability, functionality and performance according to business requirement;
- Formulate development goals according to the project schedule, write detailed design documents and be responsible for module implementation, performance tuning, and functional testing;
- Provide timely technical support for online applications, extract potential needs and points of optimization from it, and continuously optimize the system.

- Bachelor's or higher degree in Computer Science or related fields;
- Familiar with C++/Golang/Java/Python program development (at least one), pursue high-quality code and focus on code engineering quality;
- Familiar with Linux system, with high proficiency in multi-threading, network programming, and distributed development in any programming language;
- Strong understanding of database principles, proficient in key technologies of distributed storage and computing, and possess practical experience with them.
- Good at independent thinking, able to find problems proactively, and have systematic problem analysis and problem solving skills.

Preferred Qualifications
- Familiar with large-scale distributed storage system design and implementation, such as HDFS/Ceph/S3/OSS/EBS;
- Contributor/Committer of the open-source community is a plus.


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