Software Engineer, Global Distributed Table System - ByteTable/HBase


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The Infrastructure NoSQL team faces all mid-platform and business lines in ByteDance, operating across tens of thousands of servers and dealing with data far beyond the PB level. We have self-developed distributed kv/caching systems, global distributed tables storage systems and massive graph database products. Combined with the industry's new hardware and software stack technology, we strive for the continuous evolution of the next generation of products.

You will be responsible for the technical research and development of ByteDance's self-developed global distributed table system (ByteTable) and open source HBase products. We are committed to building a globalized, high-performance, low-cost, and cloud native distributed table system to provide rich features for our applications.

Joining this team, you can look forward to a very structured training plan, as well as the opportunity to undertake a larger scope whilst giving enough space to grow and develop. We look forward to your application.

- Responsible for the design, development, performance tuning, new technology research, etc., of the distributed table system.
- According to the needs of the business, design and improve the form system in terms of stability, function, performance, etc.
- Formulate development goals according to the project schedule, write detailed design documents and be responsible for module implementation, performance tuning, and functional testing.
- Provide timely technical support for our online applications, extract potential needs and points of optimization from it, and continuously optimize the system.
Job Requirements
- BS/MS Degree in Computer Science or related major
- Familiar with C++/Java program development (at least one), pursue high-quality code and focused on code engineering quality.
- Solid knowledge of Linux system, proficient in multi-threading, network programming, and distributed development in any language;
- In-depth understanding of database principles, proficient in key technologies of distributed storage and computing, and have practical experience with them.
- Good at independent thinking, able to find problems proactively, and have systematic problem analysis and problem solving skills.

- Active contributors to the open source community are preferred.
- Familiarity with open source code such as RocksDB, HBase, TiDB, CockroachDB, ClickHouse, ScyllaDB, etc., is preferred.
- Familiar with consistency protocols such as Paxos and Raft is preferred.
- Learning, exploration and research capabilities in lesser known fields is preferred.


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