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ByteDance messaging middleware team is responsible for the research and development of ByteDance's messaging platform. We manage the Message Queue systems of all products such as Douyin, TikTok, Toutiao, Xigua Video and Hotsoon. We covering an industry-leading data scale.

Because we are extremely sensitive to the stability and cost of external services, we have self-developed the message queue BMQ. BMQ is based on the separation of storage and computing architecture, compatible with the kafka protocol. In addition to pursuing extreme stability and cost, we also actively explore and expand business scenarios, tapping the potential value of original log data, and accessing batch computing engines.

1. Responsible for the R&D of Bytedance's messaging platform
2. Responsible for the R&D of ByteDance's next generation computing and storage separation architecture on a trillion-level messaging platform
3. Responsible for cost optimization, stability improvement and performance improvement of the system
4. Responsible for analyzing business requirements and expanding the features of the messaging platform.

1. A proficient software developer skilled in at least one general purpose programming language, such as C/C++/Go/Python
2. Familiar with operating system, network, computer architecture and other related knowledge
3. Experience in developing large-scale, high-performance and highly available distributed system
4. Familiar with at least one of these MQ systems or other similar systems (e.g. Distributed streaming processing platform Kafka, real-time distributed messaging platform NSQ, high-performance distributed messaging and streaming platform RocketMQ, distributed messaging system Pulsar, etc)
5. Experience in system performance analysis and optimization.


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