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Years of Experience
At least 4 years

Tech Stacks
Rest API
Web Token

Job Description

You will be working with a close-knitted group of ambitious developers looking to democratize access to complex deep-learning algorithms for engineers and data scientists.

The Scope 🔭
Datature's platform features multiple visual editors that convert raw, unstructured data to highly performant machine learning models. This requires a handful of services to work together seamlessly. You will be working with us on front-end interfaces such as our visual editor, image annotator and solving problems with ReactJS, LeafletJS, Computational Geometry and TypeScript.

  • Minimum 4+ Years Experience in Engineering Frontend Applications
  • Experienced in TypeScript, ReactJS, NextJS and CSS3
  • Strong understanding of the React Virtual DOM and Lifecycles
  • Knowledge of modern authorization mechanisms, such as JSON Web Tokens
  • Experience Working with Interactive Components using Canvas API, LeafletJS, D3
  • Experience with REST APIs, GraphQL and WebSockets
  • Interest in Building UI with Performance, Accessibility and Scalability In Mind
  • Experience with Cypress or other React/Frontend Testing Libraries
  • Knowledge in Graph Algorithms is a plus and Computational Geometry is ❤️

About You 🤖
You don't need to have a Bachelor or Masters of Computer Science to write great software. We are looking for a frontend guru who has built products that have shaped the lives of users and have a portfolio of meaningful side projects. If you have personal projects to flex or show us, it tells a better story than putting up a wall of 34 skills in the CV.

Why You'll Love Us 🎈
We are a technology-first team dedicated to developing the most intuitive and performant platform to shape the way users think about building machine learning capabilities. We are a quirky group of engineers that you will enjoy debating about codes and algorithms with. Gone are the days where you have to build yet another internal CRUD tool or front-end with stakeholders who just don't care.

You will be solving the most important problems at the intersection of machine learning, design, and computational geometry. You will have the largest impact on how users feel and navigate the journey from end to end on our platform.

Join us, and solve tough problems. If this is your cup of tea 🫖, we would love to hear from you. Do include links to previous projects, GitHub profile or any links that might help us learn more about you.


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