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  • Data expert via developing and implementing with a focus on Bayesian optimization, mathematical optimization, statistics and machine learning capabilities to develop solutions with broad range of variety, but especially when chemistry, physics, and cheminformatics knowhow might be critical.
  • Work directly with data (either available data or creating sourcing/suggestion of data source) to derive actionable insights
  • Analyze as-is process, develop to-be process, and identify gaps which must be addressed to reach the desired end state into a digital product.
  • Act as technical and scientific resource for software development colleagues in all phases of the development and implementation process
  • Assess diverse confidential datasets (focused on numeric data but including other data types such as text, and others where relevant) for correlative, clustering, predictive, etc. outcomes.
  • Collaborate continuously with subject matter experts from R&D and businesses to utilize good business understanding and enable business to understand and use your results
  • Create model comparison benchmarks and model selection processes · Support the engineers in model optimization and productization to bring develop models into production
  • Documentation which clearly explains how algorithms have been implemented, verified and validated.
  • For prototyping, front and back-end requirements:
o Understanding of API and interfaces to sub-systems

  • PhD in fundamental sciences in particular in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics with a strong quantitative focus and its allied disciplines
  • Required Skills: Programming skills (Python), Mathematics (Linear Algebra, Calculus, etc); data Science skills (Bayesian optimization, Gaussian process, etc.)
  • Well experienced in machine learning as well as combining and transforming data from heterogeneous sources.
  • Passion for programming, data visualization, and machine learning. Great attention to detail!
  • Ability to analyze existing solutions in python, Java, and other relevant programming languages and adapt these solutions to where applicable a containerized plugin architecture for incorporation into a central tool repository
  • Consultancy mindset while displaying a high degree of flexibility and ability to learn new skills quickly
  • Strong interest in researching and implementing new ML related technologies in the core domain of Chemistry and Physics
  • Proven track record of completing multiple data science projects end-to-end; from idea generation, objectives formulation, to implementation

Interested applicant please apply to the position with your updated CV in MSword or PDF format together with the following information.

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