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Job Description

After a period of extensive growth, FTI is looking to build out its Asia cybersecurity practice. We are keen to attract and develop the right talent to be part of this journey and we are looking for individuals comfortable within a "start-up" environment, within the security of an established corporate setting.

What You'll Do

  • You will perform a wide range of cybersecurity engagements in a fast-paced, deadline-sensitive environment.
  • You will perform specific technical tasks to help triage breaches, analyse data quickly and to be able to understand underlying causes and issues. Your analysis will provide actionable answers
  • You will work as part of multi-functional teams to help clients manage and navigate breaches, and the operational, reputational and regulatory impacts they bring.
  • You will support and develop your skills around cyber incident response and investigations, developing both your technical and written skills to provide accurate and concise reports for a sophisticated client base of top-tier law firms, financial institutions and corporations.
  • You will maintain or develop current knowledge of industry trends, threats, methodologies and core technologies in order to assimilate client needs and help decide appropriate courses of action.
  • You will be able to participate in assessments of threats, risks and vulnerabilities, applying a combination of technical skills and critical thinking.
  • You will help improve how we work, identifying areas for improvement and making suggestions to expand our portfolio of services, or improve our efficiency and effectiveness of delivery.
How You'll Grow

Alongside opportunities to learn on the job from some of the leading professionals in the industry, FTI Consulting offers extensive internal and external training opportunities.

Qualifications & Experience

  • Experience : as a consultant, you will already have some life experience and preferably with some variety. You will likely have one (or more) of the following:
  • Bachelor Degree in relevant discipline
  • Work experience as an incident responder or technical investigator at another leading brand corporate intelligence, cyber security or forensics companies, or within the services (military, law enforcement or government). You may have worked under legal privilege or will be familiar with the concept. You may have specific cyber certifications (e.g. OSCP/E, GIACs, CREST), and might also be on a professional development programme (eg CIISec, BCS, IEEE, GCHQ or NICE accredited cyber programs).
  • Aptitude : you will have a natural curiosity and desire to learn. You'll show passion for specific areas related to cyber and be able demonstrate wider thinking and well-informed reading about them. You may have published articles, have your own development project or simply follow specific topics within choice media. You will show the latent ingredients of being able to grow into an expert in your journey with FTI.
  • Critical thinking : you will be able to demonstrate the difference between technical and business success. You can make an informed, fact-based and objective analysis of an issue to come to a judgement. You can operate with a level of ambiguity and make logical assumptions when dealing with unknowns. You'll be able to outline premises and a hypothesis, and construct objective arguments to support and disprove before coming to a conclusion. You may have a natural inclination towards understanding root causes and can demonstrate this in your academic or professional work.
  • Dynamism : you will be a self-starter who can work on varied assignments often within tight timeframes. You will be comfortable in raising concerns or questions on a task in an efficient manner, and to be able to reach out for guidance when you feel uncertain. You will enjoy being given context, boundaries and an objective, and will take professional pride in delivering. You will relish the opportunities provided to you within an agile environment. You will suggest improvements or solutions where you think things could be done better.
  • Communications : you can communicate clearly, concisely and with understanding of your intended audience. You will understand the value and importance of our written reports. You will feel comfortable raising questions when you are uncertain. You may have experience working internationally, and with other teams that are not immediately part of yours.
  • Collaboration: you will recognize that the greatest success is mutual. You will show self-awareness about how you best operate, and the ability to reflect on how others like to operate. You will be able to demonstrate an emotional intelligence to be able to adapt, personal resilience, and a strong team ethos within FTI's relatively "flat" hierarchy.


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