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GovTech is seeking for a technical product manager to support the product architecture and management of CODEX (Core Operations Development Environment and xChange) platform. CODEX is a strategic national project and the CODEX platform presents a huge opportunity to rationalise and consolidate federated agency hosting and infrastructure through a modern cloud architecture implementation and the modernising of Government applications through adoption of agile development practices.

The role is expected to leverage and work closely with the engineering teams to deliver the Singapore Tech Stack (SGTS) and Government on Commercial cloud (GCC). Establish deep collaboration with the product development groups and play an active role in developing the product roadmap for CODEX. Particularly , this role will work closely with engineering team leads across multiple divisions with GovTech and guide the teams towards developing monitoring and logging products that can be used by the engineering community.

Besides working with internal teams, the incumbent is expected to experiment with third-party tools both open-source and commercial, and interface with solution providers when evaluating commercial Tech Stack and Cloud components and capabilities.

What To Expect

  • Manage and sustain an efficient and agile product development process with the engineering team
  • Adopt a continuous improvement mindset and a scientific approach to innovation
  • Exercise technical leadership, as appropriate, to drive scalable design across multi-disciplinary engineering capabilities in the areas of monitoring, which includes monitoring of metrics and trends, logging and traces.
  • Define CODEX product plans for a specific set of monitoring capabilities to be distributed across multiple monitoring products
  • Understand developers needs and explore monitoring tools and techniques that can meet the needs
  • Write user stories that address customer needs, with success criteria defined upfront
  • Work closely with technical internal teams including engineering and development to prioritize user stories and groom them
  • Partner with internal engineering teams such as architects, developers, engineers to ensure product is delivered with an acceptable quality and in a timely manner
  • Analyze the outcome to acquire learnings to feedback into the specific product features in the next iteration
  • Share CODEX vision opportunistically and help drive use of CODEX product with engineers and agencies stakeholders
The role offers a unique opportunity to create pathway for success for Singapore and its citizens and residents.

How To Succeed

An experienced technical product manager, ideally with experience in various parts of the product lifecycle management. Possess technical competence and strong business acumen, with the ability to balance engineering constraints and business priorities to achieve good delivery outcomes. Critical competencies required but are not limited to:
  • Degree in Computer Science/ Engineering, Information Technology, Electronics Engineering or equivalent
  • Experience in one or more aspects of product launch
  • Business know-how and appreciation of the existence of different type of business to consumer models
  • Experience in setting a product /technology plan or roadmap based on requirements
  • Strong ability to rally cross-functional team to execute against plans to meet objectives
  • Awareness of the implications of business and technological trade-offs and ability to make the right call with some guidance
  • Empathise with developer and agency needs
  • Excellent analytical skills with a few specialized knowledge of business and analytical tools and techniques
  • Strong communications with different job functions and ability to communicate a few levels up and down
  • Experience in operations and incidents management, including site reliability engineering (SRE), for one or more significant production applications
  • Ideally past or current practitioner of agile software development, having developed logging and metering requirements
  • Some experience on event streaming capabilities for recording user interactions and/or cloud monitoring would be a plus.


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