Senior Software Engineer


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Job Summary

Job Type

Senior (≥ 6 yrs)

Years of Experience
At least 5 years

Tech Stacks
React Native

Job Description

Join us as we support Singapore’s vision of building a Smart Nation - a nation of possibilities empowered through info-communications technology and related engineering. Software engineers thrive on interesting challenges and problems. In GovTech, instead of solving problems to generate revenue or maximise profit, our engineers strive to solve problems in order to create meaningful impact for the people our applications serve.

The Government Digital Services (GDS) Team aims to orchestrate the digital transformation of government. Our team aims to design and develop software applications that help government agencies to better serve the needs of the people of Singapore. You may check out our various initiatives here: https://www.hive.gov.sg/

For this role, you will be working with a team on expanding the services in the GoWhere product suite for the Citizens beyond COVID-19. GoWhere is the de facto portal for mask and TraceTogether token collection, listing of PHPCs and finding COVID-19 support schemes. If the idea of applying your skills and expertise to serve the public good resonates with you, our team of like-minded engineers in Digital Design & Development (DCUBE) welcomes you to join us and our colleagues, in digital nation-building.

What you will be doing

  • Work within an agile development team to deliver secure, high-quality applications. This may include:
                             • Web application front-end development
                             • Server-side / API development

  • Build with reusability in proven software engineering practices like:
                             • Ensuring quality of code via writing of tests
                             • Documentation of processes, code and decisions made
                             • Reviewing fellow developers' code
                             • Participating in technical/architectural design

  • Collaborate closely with other specialists within an agile and collaborative team environment, including:

                             • Advocating a positive team culture
                             • Working with UX Designers to implement their designs into working software
                             • Working with Business Analyst to craft user stories by providing technical analysis
                             • Working with Quality Engineers to develop automated tests and fix defects
                             • Working with DevOps Engineers to manage builds and releases
                             • Working with Security Engineers to address security issues/vulnerabilities
                             • Working with Product/Delivery Managers to plan the technical strategy and technical assessment of new feature requests or engagements

What we are looking for

  • Minimum of 5 years’ relevant working experience is preferred.
  • Extensive experience in designing, developing and deploying large, scalable production applications on cloud/PaaS platforms, such as Amazon’s cloud services/Heroku/OpenShift.

  • Experience in agile development teams, employing relevant methodologies and practices such as Scrum, Extreme Programming, Continuous Integration and Deployment.

  • Experience in modern web application technologies:

                             • React / React Native
                             • Node.JS
                             • Typescript

  • Experiences in the following would be advantageous:

                             • Agile Frameworks (e.g. Scrum)
                             • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment
                             • Cloud/PaaS platforms, such as AWS/Heroku/OpenShift
                             • Docker and/or other related container technologies/tools
                             • Automated testing tools
                             • Infrastructure as a Code

  • Preferred character/personality traits:

                             • A desire to serve the public through the use of technology
                             • A hunger to learn, and to share your learning
                             • A healthy discontent with the status quo, and an itch to improve things
                             • Good communication skills, as we believe software development is a team sport
                             • Humble and deliver product(s) as a team sport

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