Software Engineer (Frontend) (Artificial Intelligence Platforms)


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Job Description

What you will be working on:

As a Software Engineer (frontend), you will:
  1. Work closely with product managers, UX designers, data scientists and engineers to define and develop web applications
  2. Use the latest web technologies to translate product specifications into fully functional interfaces
  3. Develop and manage well-functioning APIs
  4. Build and maintain extensible front-end code
  5. Build prototypes to demonstrate technology opportunities
  6. Propose how to structure front end work
  7. Have good eye for technical details in bridging the graphical design and technical feasibility
  8. Be sensitive to the impact of front-end implementation to the users
  9. Write production quality code, and
  10. Learn and share knowledge in a multi-disciplinary team.

Additionally, more senior engineers will be expected to:
  1. Establish best practices
  2. Share your expertise and mentor other engineers
  3. Help with recruiting.

You are not just here to write code, but also to figure out what we should be building and how we should build it.

Your job will be to bring expertise and capability to the public sector. Sometimes this means coding new systems from scratch. Other times this means using the best solutions the community has to offer. We use cloud services, open source software, and commodity hardware as far as possible. Knowing what to build and what to reuse lets us avoid wasting time on solved problems and focus on delivering actual value.

What It Is Like Working Here

We build products that serve a variety of agency users, who use them to solve highly meaningful problems pertinent to our society, from transportation, to education, to healthcare. The public sector is full of opportunities where even the simplest software can have a big impact on people’s lives. We are here to improve how we live as a society through what we can offer as a government.
  1. Rapid Prototyping - Instead of spending too much time debating ideas we prefer testing them. This identifies potential problems quickly, and more importantly, conveys what is possible to others easily.
  2. Reliable Productization - To scale an idea, a prototype or a Minimum Viable Product to a software product, we scrutinize and commit to its usability, reliability, scalability and maintainability.
  3. Ownership - In addition to technical responsibilities, this means having ideas on how things should be done and taking responsibility for seeing them through. Building something that you believe in is the best way to build something good.
  4. Continuous Learning - Working on new ideas often means not fully understanding what you are working on. Taking time to learn new architectures, frameworks, technologies, and even languages is not just encouraged but essential.

What we are looking for:

We look for people who:
  1. Have a demonstrated ability to build software
  2. Have excellent understanding of web development and experience working with HTML5, CSS3, Node.js and modern JS frameworks (React.JS, Vue.JS, Redux etc.)
  3. Have experience with RESTful APIs, web services, microservices
  4. Good to have some experience in database, e.g. Postgres, MongoDB (for API development)
  5. Cloud, container/docker & CI/CD experience will be a plus
  6. Can write code to solve abstract problems
  7. Can talk and reason about code with other engineers
  8. Have an interest in data science and machine learning
  9. Take the initiative to make things happen
  10. Want to work for the public good

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company as we believe that diversity is meaningful to innovation. Our employee benefits are based on a total rewards approach, offering a holistic and market-competitive suite of perks. This includes generous leave benefits to meet your work-life needs. We trust that you will get the job done wherever you are, and whatever works best for you – so work from home or take a break to exercise if you need to*. We also believe it’s important for you to keep honing your craft in the constantly-evolving tech landscape, so we provide and support a plethora of in-house and external learning and development opportunities all year round.
  1. Subject to the nature of your job role that might require you to be onsite during fixed hours


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