Lead Data Scientist (Customer Support Experience)


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$9,310 - $14,327 SGD / Monthly EST

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Years of Experience
At least 4 years

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Job Description

Get to know the team

We at Grab Support (GS) care about customers and aspire to deliver the best-in-class Support Experience to our customers. As we grow our customer base, we are leveraging Science and Technology to match the ever-growing Customer Support needs. We are working with a myriad of interesting structured and unstructured data including audio and free-text. You will be at the heart of designing cutting-edge algorithms and rolling them out to help our team drive SEA forward with technology.

Get to know the role:

  • Work with structured and unstructured data and use them to achieve the business objectives
  • Develop quick prototypes by innovating, as well as hacking your way with off-the-shelves packages
  • Build and deploy systems with Grab software and serve millions of users
  • Patent/Publish your innovation/findings
  • The day-to-day activities:
  • Deep dive into big data to conduct advanced statistical analyses
  • Design, build, and productionize machine learning and deep learning algorithms efficiently
  • Integrate, simulate, and A/B test the impact of algorithms and features
  • Store, retrieve, and visualize results in a presentable manner that facilitates decision-making for rollouts
  • Effectively conceptualize analyses and communicate to business/product stakeholders

The must-haves:

  • Masters (PhD preferred) in Computer Science, Engineering, Sciences, Math and Statistics or other relevant courses
  • Strong Machine Learning fundamentals:
  • At least 4+ years experience in developing data pipelines, building production-grade ML models and productionizing
  • Prior knowledge of ML algorithms such as Neural Network architectures, SVM, decision trees, boosting techniques etc.
  • At least 2+ years experience working in NLP domain, building chatbots, neural translations, etc
  • Strong software skills:
  • Excellent software development capabilities, preferably in Python
  • Familiar with Git-based source control, cloud-based development (AWS/Azure)
  • Strong working knowledge of Spark, SQL
  • Knowledge of deep learning frameworks such as Tensorflow, Keras, Torch
  • Ability to build quick prototypes, use relevant off-the-shelf packages and hack your way around them
  • Should be able to own the project, effectively engage with business stakeholders and deliver production-grade models independently.

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