Job Summary

$3,100 - $5,100 SGD / Monthly EST

Job Type


Years of Experience
At least 1 year

Tech Stacks

Job Description

Participate in front-end UI design and R&D work, analyze needs and provide solutions. According to the development progress and task allocation, submit high-quality code on time to complete the development task. Optimize product performance and front-end code quality, continuously improve the ease of use and user advancement of the product, and optimize SEO, etc. Responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting the online system. Research and explore new technologies to better improve products

  • Have at least one year of front-end development work experience 
  • Solid front-end basic knowledge and good coding standards 
  • Familiar with JavaScript, Typescript, Html5, CSS, Bootstrap and other front-end technologies 
  • Familiar with React technology stack is preferred 
  • Familiar with various cross-browser compatibility technologies, familiar with responsive layout and screen adaptation technologies 
  • Have a deep understanding of page layout, pay attention to details, be good at analyzing and improving the visual perception and user experience of the product Quick learning ability and strong teamwork and communication skills

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3100 - 5100 SGD

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