Staff Software Engineer


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Job Summary

$6,000 - $10,000 SGD / Monthly

Job Type


Years of Experience
At least 1 year

Tech Stacks
Ruby on Rails
React Native

Job Description

What Hubble will give you:

Hubble is built by a team of talented, driven, and ambitious individuals. We do not subscribe to conventions. We do not let history and traditions dictate and limit our dreams to shape the world. We adopt the same mindset with our hiring. We are looking for the best and we want to bet on you. In this position, we want to groom you to take on a leadership position. Join only if you want to take on the challenge of leading and growing your own team. We will give you all the exposure and resources you need to grow into the role of Staff Software Engineer. If your mindset is right, we promise you the ride of your life.

Hubble will also provide you with the following:

  • Flexibility of working from home
  • Personal company laptop
  • Best leave entitlement
  • Attractive rewards
  • Superb Employee Culture
  • Genuine career progression opportunities
  • Global transfer opportunities
Who will you be working with:

If you connect with any of the description below, please apply immediately:

  • Purpose driven
  • Hungry, ambitions, and self-motivated
  • Meritocratic, results/performance > age/bureaucracy
  • Resourceful, independent, chart our own destiny
  • Determined, perseverance, and hard working
  • Creative, innovative, out of the box
Yes, the above is everyone of us at Hubble.

What you will be doing:

Here at Hubble, we pride ourselves on having passionate Software Engineers who build highly usable, feasible, and valuable products. We are looking for independent and self-driven individuals who embrace challenges and love to explore new technologies and platforms. At Hubble, we believe the future is in our products, and the future of our products will be in your hands.

In addition, given the diverse technical needs at Hubble, we will also be able to advise you on long term meaningful career paths to ensure that every individual will be able to have the flexibility and option to choose a path that is most aligned to your personal passion and motivations.


  • Develop Hubble software solutions by studying the requirements, use-cases, and process flow to accomplish organization and engineering mission.
  • Lead the team in formulating software architecture, technology stack, and innovative solutions.
  • Ensure that Hubble’s backend security is on par with industry standards. Expand the capability and expertise of the engineers by providing advice, coaching, and other opportunities.
  • Assist in the execution of Hubble’s technical aspects specifically enhancement, implementation, and deployment of Hubble’s product and service.
  • Analyse technical feasibility of the software solution from the problem definition, technical requirements, and proposed solutions. Work closely with the product team to document and develop requirements, estimation of timeline, and work plans.
  • Adhere to high quality software development principles, best-practices, design patterns, and code documentation. Research on new technologies, current state-of-the-art development tools and equipment, and opportunities for process improvement.
  • Assist the management in developing and implementing new processes to increase productivity and effectiveness of the engineering team.
What we need from you:

  • Have a good understanding of web application architecture
  • Have a good understanding of various software engineering design patterns
  • Experience in one or more of these frameworks: Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, and React Native will be advantageous
  • Experience in building mobile applications or web applications will be advantageous
  • Comfortable with working in a fast-paced environment and highly collaborative team to solve real business problems
  • Versatility and enthusiasm to tackle new problems across the full-stack and to learn new frameworks as we continue to push technology forward

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