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At least 5 years

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Itron Networked Solution (INS) is looking for a Technical Consultant to join our team. In this role, you will work directly with our customers to configure applications, develop and document processes, and execute processes to deliver and maintain value provided through INS applications. You will also work with INS project delivery resources to bridge between solution implementation and deployment and solution operations. You will be leveraged as the onsite INS solution expert to address front line questions from the customer about the applications and identify issues that need to be escalated to INS Customer Support using standard escalation processes. In this position, you will play a key role as a subject matter expert and trusted advisor to INS’s customers, providing the highest opportunity to achieve customer and company success. Engage with customers to scope, design, document, implement and deliver process scenarios for the operations of the INS solution deployed at the customer. Will be exposure to other Itron products such as prepayment solutions, other remote telemetry systems, MDM or analytic solutions.

  • Assist with customer system deployment and solution testing, including identifying and triaging anomalies, and working with INS Customer Support and Engineering where necessary to resolve identified issues.
  • Execute and manage day to day tasks and processes. Major processes will include: tracking network and endpoint device provisioning processes, monitoring daily network and device performance, job completion, and events.
  • Troubleshoot application issues, including endpoint device and network related issues.
  • Document and escalate issues that cannot be resolved on site. Escalation will include using INS Customer Support for support issues and the involvement of Product Management and Engineering as appropriate.
  • Document root cause analysis for significant failures.
  • Serve on customer core teams to aid in the customer’s understanding of INS product capabilities to support future enhancements.
  • Serve as a knowledge expert to the customer and provide consulting and hands on training on INS products, applications, and processes.

Experience: This position requires a minimum of 5 years of related experience

Highly Desirable Skills.

  • Confidence - Must be able to tell (or convince) a customer they are wrong or there is a better way when the time comes.
  • Working with remote telemetry systems or remote data retrieval systems, SCADA solutions might be helpful.
  • TCP/UDP, IP4 and IP6 will be a good start but they will need great network fundamentals like troubleshooting connectivity issues, a basic understanding of the roles for different network components firewall, router etc.
  • They need to be able to run simple SQL queries, they have to know how to login and execute an SQL command on the Oracle or MS SQL server.
  • Experience working in an enterprise IT environment at an infastructure or administrator level will server this person well.
  • Experience with Linux operating systems and deployment of applications on these operating systems
  • Experienced with the Microsoft Office Suite. Exposure to enterprise scale solutions running on VMware, Windows, Linux
  • Database experience is a bonus
  • Strong Team Mentality
  • Proven ability to multi-task and participate in a hands-on manner
  • Strong technical expertise and customer service skills, flexibility, and a willingness to assist and research to exceed the customer needs and expectations
  • Hands-on experience with process development, documentation, and execution.
  • Hands-on experience with use of technical applications and platforms.
  • Customer-service orientation

Education: Bachelor's degree in related field or equivalent experience.

Travel: 30 - 50%


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