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At least 3 years

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We are committed to be a social platform based on mobile development and operations of interactive entertainment social networking platform. Our surprising growth curve has also been credited to our strong push on growing ourselves as a tech focused organization with mobile and product research development anchoring us.

Our core product is a social companion mobile application. Companion App is a well known social application since its launch and we have always been ranked in the Top2 in the social sector of the app store. Our App for the region is know as Partying on the app stores.

Job responsibilities:
  • Use Go language (Golang) to develop stable, high-performance and extensible back-end services;
  • Improve and optimize code quality through unit testing, automation and code review;
  • Continuous optimization and reconstruction of existing systems to efficiently support rapid business development;
  • Deeply explore and analyze business requirements, summarize functional use cases, and transform them into efficient technical solutions;
  • Bilingual in English and Chinese due to close collaboration with Chinese speaking counterpart in China.

 Job Requirements:
  • At least 3 years background development experience, familiar with basic data structure and algorithm.
  • Experience in Linux system programming and network programming, clear understanding of TCP/IP protocol, proficient in Golang/C++ and other programming languages
  • Have project development experience in distributed back-end system, familiar with microservice architecture and more than one RPC framework
  • Be familiar with Redis, MYSQL, NGINX, Docker and other open source projects, and understand their principles and usage scenarios first.
  • Experience in Internet business system or related technology product development. Experience in distributed system development is preferred.


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