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OTSAW Digital is seeking creative, energetic well-rounded Robotics Software Engineer to work in the field of computer vision, machine learning, perception, and autonomous navigation. You will be responsible for integrating and testing software solutions in simulation and on the robot. We are looking for engineers who are interested in tackling challenging problems for our security and surveillance robots. At OTSAW Digital, we want people with passion. We want innovators. We want people who can collaborate and bring us a creative future. So, if you are passionate about working in a startup, want to solve hard problems and make cool robots with us, please apply.

  • Develop software system for localization, object detection & tracking, control of the robot
  • In charge one of the following domains:
  • Computer Vision algorithm – object detection & classification, lane tracking
  • Localization algorithm based on Lidar, Camera, GPS
  • Build tiles & vector map to support localization, path planner
  • Sensor fusion algorithm for reliable, precise localization, object tracking
  • Embedded System – low level interfacing with sensors, actuators
  • Model robot control system, low-level motion planning algorithm
  • Behavior planning – path planning & mission control
  • ·imulation – for testing of robot behavior & path planner

  • Min. education qualification in Bachelor Degree in Robotics Engineer or other Engineering related course
  • Strong theoretical & practical experience in developing perception and/or control algorithm
  • Demonstrate deep interest & understanding in relevant domain of interest
  • Experience in developing on actual physical robot
  • Experience in C++, Python, ROS, Git


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