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Years of Experience
At least 7 years

Tech Stacks

Job Description

We Offer 3 Services To Our Clients

  • We help them craft a vision and create a strategy to pursue it.
  • We help design, build and run experiments and proofs-of-concept.
  • We help them grow their digital capabilities through co-teaming (our team working with their team).

As an Enterprise Technical Lead, you will be involved right throughout the project. You specifically will be involved in identifying and defining digital experiments (eg, a performance dashboard, a shared data fabric, process automation via OCR, etc.) and working with our design team and external technology partners (e.g. data platform vendors, open-source technologies, etc.) to build and run the experiments. You will also help the client chart and define their IT architecture to help their internal tech teams learn new capabilities (e.g. RPA, OCR, ML, data science, no-/low-code, etc.), and new ways of working (eg, agile development, low-code tooling).

What You Will Do

  • Oversee the technology aspect of the various client projects and participate in developing key modules and components.
  • Be responsible for the technical architecture and technology stacks recommended and implemented to fulfil client needs.
  • Communicate and test the tech vision through experiments.
  • Evaluate, liaise and oversee our tech partners in a project context.
  • Own and grow the internal tech products as needed.
  • Mentor and grow the internal tech team by setting standards, enforcing best practices, reviewing code, cultivating a culture of learning, hacking and engineering, etc.
  • Create a culture of tech excellence and thought leadership in making advanced technology (e.g. search, AI/ML, IoT, blockchain, no-/low-code, etc.) relevant for business, which you are encouraged to share through events, blogs and other publications.

We're Looking For Someone Who

  • Has 7+ years of development experience across a full tech stack, has defined tech architectures for various applications and platforms.
  • Has an engineering background and an architect’s mindset. Can balance between a hacker mindset of quickly diving deep and testing out, but also architect structurally sound systems.
  • Has prior experience leading and growing a team of developers at varying levels.
  • Can communicate effectively with tech teams and non-technical stakeholders (i.e. business, designers, etc.).
  • Is experienced in front-end technologies including semantic HTML (i.e. a11y, i18n), scalable CSS (preprocessors), ES6+ and front-end frameworks (e.g. React, Vue, Angular, etc.).
  • Is experienced in Node.js and other server-side technologies (e.g. Nginx, Django, JSP, IIS, etc.).
  • Has experience with microservice architectures, defining APIs, structuring code, building design patterns to tackle reusability/scalability/complexity.
  • Is experienced with DevOps toolchains and workflows.
  • Has experience defining and executing software testing practices
  • Solid knowledge of advanced technologies (e.g. search, AI/ML, blockchain, IoT, etc.) is a welcome bonus
  • Solid experience in no-code and low-code (e.g. Microsoft Power Apps, OutSystems, Kissflow, Retool, etc.) environments and their interplay with pro-code.

What We Offer

  • An opportunity to deliver meaningful change by working on big challenging problems.
  • An opportunity to work in cross-functional teams of experienced practitioners.
  • A flexible work environment with the tools you need to succeed.
  • A rich learning environment with the freedom to pursue new knowledge.
  • A platform to host and speak at events to share the learnings and grow your network.

Desired Skills and Experience
Technical Lead, Web Services, Collaboration, Business Analysis, Agile Methodologies, JavaScript, Enterprise Architecture, Web Applications, Databases, Software Development

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