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We are currently seeking an ambitious, driven, and experienced DevOps and site reliability engineer to help us scale up our infrastructure to meet increasing demand.

You will play a key role in our growing engineering team on the conceptualization, design, deployment, and continuous improvement of our infrastructure to support our developer platform.

Your knowledge of metrics, logs, and traces will play a huge role in the management of our infrastructure and backend applications to ensure vital services are in top-notch performance for our users. You should be self-driven, conscientious, and have a keen eye to identify and automate high-impact tasks.

  • Own and manage the production systems from an operational standpoint. (i.e deployment, data logging, monitoring, alerts, etc.)
  • Using key metrics and usage data to continuously design and implement solutions to improve the reliability, security, and scalability of our infrastructure.
  • Develop and own best practices for managing production infrastructure: provisioning, application scaling, configuration management, capacity planning, monitoring, etc.
  • Provide key updates and operational support to our users via our engagement channels.
  • Provide input and fresh ideas into long-term platform requirements and operational guidelines with a key focus on reliability
  • Continuously raise our standard of engineering excellence by implementing best practices for coding, testing, and deployment
  • Build and maintain documentation around processes and workflows

We're looking out for candidates with experience in
  • DevOps or Site Reliability Engineer
  • Designing and operating large-scale, multi-region production systems
  • Working with GCP or cloud service providers like AWS, DO, Azure
  • Real-time telemetry and tracing tools like Prometheus, Stackdriver, and DataDog
  • Building deployment pipelines leveraging common CI/CD tools
  • Infrastructure-as-Code (e.g. Terraform, Ansible etc.)
  • Networking and configuring/managing VPC networks
  • Container schedulers and runtimes such as Docker and Kubernetes
  • An understanding of security best practices
  • (Bonus) Good understanding of web applications, microservice architecture
  • (Bonus) Passionate for blockchain technologies (esp. Polkadot and its ecosystem)
  • (Bonus) Basic level of understanding of Substrate framework

Why join Pinknode
  • Blockchain-enabled technologies are disrupting industries and business models, slowly unveiling the myriad of possibilities and opportunities for innovators and early adopters. Web 3.0 is the future and you will be a part of this revolution
  • Polkadot is at the cusp of explosive growth. Your work will be exposed to thousands of users and will have opportunities to learn new skills and build your network
  • Working at Pinknode exposes you to a wide array of teams building on Polkadot, from DeFi to privacy chains, putting you at the forefront of blockchain innovation
  • You will join a group of passionate entrepreneurs and technologists who will expose you to new ideals and constantly push you to greater heights
  • You will gain a valuable startup experience - fast-moving, progressive, iterative, and impactful
  • You will enjoy a flexible work environment, amazing colleagues, competitive compensation, and other benefits


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