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At least 5 years

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1.Responsible for analyzing data requirements and provide data technology solution for business departments.
2.Responsible for data intergration between business system and big data platform,build data warehouse.
3.Responsible for business data ETL development,offline and real-time data development on current big data platform.
4.Responsible for big data application monitoring ,diagnosis,maintenance and data problem solving.
5.Responsible for big data framework and data analysis system architecture,technology selection , optimize big data development process, and design big data platform system.

Job Requirements:
1.At least 5 years of working experience in data warehouse, with data warehouse construction experience in Internet e-business industry.
2. Proficient with essential Big Data framework,have much experience in Spark-streaming, Flink and other real-time data development.
3. Proficient in data model design in data warehouse on big data platform, proficient in OLAP dimension modeling design method.
4. Proficient in Java/Scala language,with rich experience in data technology solution design.
5. Experience in data management platform(data development, governance, assets, etc).
6. Have a strong sense of responsibility, goods skills in communication , coordination , teamwork spirit and leadership.


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